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What is Daoist meditation?
Daoist meditation like Daoism itself has an immense history and diversity. Different sects and groups have evolved with different ideas and practices, but the general idea or main thread is that a focused mind can be used to guide and enhance Qi energy in order to enhance, store, transform and purify internal Qi energy. Daoists use meditation to cultivate health and longevity and attain the highest level of spiritual development.

Why practice Daoist meditation?
Any form of mental relaxation where the mind is rested from mental chatter and outward stimulus is beneficial to a persons well being. Daoist meditation not only clears the mind it can also minimise desire, balance the emotions and regulate and enhance the internal energy system.

Do you have regular meditation classes?
Within the Chanquanshu School we teach Daoist meditation in one or two day workshops. In order to become proficient in Daoist meditation having an understanding of the theory underlying the practice is essential, this information comes over better in workshops rather than shorter classes. Once a student has attended the introductory levels they can attend our review class that we hold once a month.

How many levels are there?
The Chanquanshu School offers a diverse range of traditional Daoist meditation techniques that allow the student to progress slowly using beginner to intermediate to advanced techniques.
• Beginner techniques are for improving the body
• Intermediate techniques are for improving the mind
• Advanced techniques are for improving the spirit



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