Chinese Therapeutic Massage (CTM) is one of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the others being acupuncture, herbal medicine and qigong.

CTM incorporates a non invasive method of internal organ massage, soft tissue / muscular manipulation and structural realignment methods. CTM also incorporates Qigong therapy where the practitioner manipulates their own Qi energy to interact with the recipient.

Chinese Therapeutic Massage can aid the following:                                                                                                                                                           

Musculo-skeletal problems
Nervous system disorders
Chronic stress related disorders
Chronic fatigue
Intestinal blockages
Improve digestion
Emotional disorders
Poor circulation
Lower back pain
Panic attacks
Impotence, or low sex drive

Although clinical in its approach CTM is very relaxing. Most types of general massage relax the body physically which in turn relaxes the mind. Chinese Therapeutic Massage relaxes a person mentally and emotionally which in turn relaxes the rest of the body, usually lasting for a number of days, sometimes weeks. This type of relaxation goes a lot deeper than the physical relaxation more often associated with just physical massage.

Detoxifies and Clears Congestion
Early Chinese doctors observed that humans often develop blockages in their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in their abdomens. These obstructions occur at the centre of the body’s vital functions and constrict the flow of Qi and Blood. The knots, tangles and congestion can feel heavy and sluggish within the abdominal cavity and can be uncomfortable when pressed.
Stress, accidents, drugs, prolonged emotional upset, abuse, toxins, bad posture, lifestyle etc. can be the cause of the congestion. When congested, the internal organs accumulate unhealthy energies and toxins that can overflow into other bodily systems and make us feel unwell. Massage can remove these obstructions, knots and tangles and allow for the removal of toxins from deep within the body.

Emotions and feeling of well being

Classical Chinese medicine has a different approach to emotional health than western medicine, the main one being that it is viewed as emotional health and not lumped together with mental health, although they are connected they are very different things. On a basic level it is making the distinction between a thought and a feeling. A thought is a mental, psychological or spiritual process, an idea or a view. An emotion is a feeling. Within the Chanquanshu CTM we adhere to the view that emotions or feelings are Qi Energy within the internal organs, for example love is generally associated with the heart.

The complex relationship between Thoughts, Feelings and Habits can sometimes be very confusing. Each relationship is a two way system, thoughts effect emotions, emotions effect thoughts. Thoughts become memories and memories effect thoughts. The third connection is very often overlooked or ignored, this is when emotions become memories and in turn memories effect emotions. Most other therapies and self help systems try to control emotional feelings with thoughts and intellect. This approach works to help the client cope with how they feel psychologically but does little to change the conditioned emotional response associated with connected memories and habits. An example of how thoughts don't control emotions is a person who is frightened of the dark, as much as they tell themselves not to be scared and that there is nothing there that's not there in daylight it only serves to help them cope with the fear, the feeling and effects of fear are still there.

Ignoring your emotions is bad for your health!

British people are renowned for putting a brave face on for themselves and others. “I’m fine, can’t grumble, I’ll be ok, “etc. A self defence system that people seem to adopt for having a feeling of discontent and build up of negative emotions is to ignore it as much as possible. It’s also partly due to the fact that this condition generally happens slowly over a prolonged period of time, so we get used to it, making it easier to ignore.

To keep the Qi energy that is our emotions out of consciousness most people adopt a defence that involves keeping their consciousness active and stimulated by all manner of activities. This leads to mental and sometimes physical conditions of hyper activity. Often the life and soul of the party is the one haunted by negative feelings when the party is over. This hyperactivity drains vital resources, depleting the organs of Qi which in turn makes the emotional state even worse.

Internal Organs massage and qigong therapy transforms the negative emotions internally rather than releasing them, this prevents further depletion. Once a person’s energetic -emotional condition is healthier the mind and body can relax.

Long Term Health Building
Over a period of time Chinese Therapeutic Massage not only clears internal congestion, releases toxins and transforms the emotional state, it also builds a person’s internal strength and energy. This can assist the healing process, build a resistance to some disease and provide mental clarity. Obviously every case is different; the client’s condition to begin with would determine the frequency and period of massage treatments. Two or three massages can be enough for some; others feel a massage every few months keeps them congestion free, while others require or simply enjoy regular treatments. Massage clients are given advice on how they can help improve their condition by themselves, along with a few simple exercises. The aim is for the client to eventually take control of their own health development and maintenance.

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